Writing Essays – How to Think Critically

A university student recently wrote in and asked:

“The problem is my writing skill is not good enough as a college student. When I am about to write I just can’t think on that topic, I can not put my thoughts in writing and also not good in organizing my information. Can you also please tell me how to think critically to write essay?”

What’s the 1 Main Point You’re Trying to Communicate?

For the essay that you have to write, I would suggest you start each essay by figuring out the 1 main point you are trying to get across.

What’s the 3 Strongest Supporting Argument for Your Main Point?

Once you’ve figured out the 1 main point, find 3 biggest points to support your main point so that the person can be persuaded to believe your main point. Then from there, you would find evidence or research material that would back up your 3 biggest points.

Get Examples for Each of Your Supporting Point

It’s important to have true examples to support your biggest points to increase persuasion. Once you have the outline of 1 main point, the 3 biggest persuasion points, and an example for each persuasion point after you do a bit of research, then find a friend who is doing well in that class.

Finally, get your friend to take a look and see if it makes sense in terms of critical thinking. This way, you can get some valuable feedback from your friend.

Or if you continue to have troubles, your college will typically have a writing center that can provide you with resources to improve your writing. So you can consider taking it to them for help.

What if English isn’t my first language?

If you’re like this student and English is not your first language, one quick suggestion is to first write on the topic in your native language as we can typically organize our thoughts better and get ideas on that topic.

Then, once you’ve done that, it should be easier for you to translate it into English.

 You can click here for more help on writing better essays.

Please comment or ask questions on whether this technique’s helped you with your studying. Also feel free to share additional essay writing tips!

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