Student Success Principles – 3 Easy Steps

Recently, I was inspired by an expert to create a video of 3 principles that I follow to help me reach success in life. Student success and also success in life is something that we’re constantly striving towards. Therefore, to help you reach success faster, you can take a look at my 3 principles that I follow and may give you some ideas for you:

Principle #1: In the morning when you wake up, think of 3 Things that you can help achieve which allows you to minimize your effort and maximize your results. Also, think of 3 people that you can help (whether that’s your classmate, friend, boss, family, or colleage) while still applying the minimum effort and maximum results rule. The reason is because if you help others, they’ll eventually return the help and karma will give you more opportunities in life to succeed.

Principle # 2: Be grateful for the small or simple things in life

A lot of times, we are too jaded and stop having as much fun or laughter in our life as we used to. Think back to when you were younger, what made you laugh or be happy? Why is it that just because you got older, you can’t laugh or be happy with the same thing? We always want more and more – and get stressed out in the process of achieving greater things – make sure you take the time to enjoy the simple things in life (such as blue sky, hanging out with friends, candy, a pretty flower, etc.)

Rule #3: Before you go to bed tonight, ask yourself, am I happy with what I’ve accomplished today? If no, what’s one thing that I can do right now to help me take a step closer to my success?

This should help you take at least one step closer every day to your success. Sometimes I’m super tired but even if just sending out one email reaching out to somebody will help me, I’ll do it if I haven’t done anything today to contribute to my success.

Let me know what you think by posting any comments or feedback. What are your 3 steps to success?


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