Speed Reading – Use Your Finger!

Start by taking any book that you haven’t read before, then take your finger (I prefer index) and start underlining each sentence, line by line. As you underline each sentence, have your eyes follow your finger. Move your finger as fast as you can across the page, under each line, while having your eyes follow it the whole time so that you are seeing the words.

Do this for 3 pages, going as fast as you can, underlining each sentence with your finger and having your eyes follow the sentence your finger’s underlining. The goal is not to comprehend what you are reading, but to simply have your eyes move as fast as you can. So it’s ok if the words that you’re reading with your eyes aren’t making any sense.

Now, after 3 pages of doing this, start by slowing down your finger to the point where you can read and understand the sentence you’re reading. You should now notice an increase in your reading speed.

Tip: You can continue underlining with your finger as this will help you read faster than if you are reading it without using your finger to underline. I’ve found this super helpful during my reading.

To find out more about speed reading, click here.

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