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 Save Money on College Textbooks or Sell Your Used Textbooks!



The good thing about Bookbyte is that you can save lots of money from 25% to even 70% on buying textbooks/reference books or you can sell your textbook back to them and they’ll pay for the shipping! They’re an online store so they don’t have the expensive costs for rent, etc. and they can pass their savings on to you! 

 Being a university student, textbooks are expensive!!! If I can, I usually buy used textbooks as many of them are in fairly good condition, some are even almost brand new (guess those students didn’t really read their textbooks)! Used textbooks are useful for 2 reasons: 

1. Cheaper than brand new textbooks – sometimes 40% cheaper! 

2. May already contain highlighted text – which means the person before you has already highlighted the main points for you so it’ll be easier for you when studying! 

If you bought the textbook and decided you don’t want it or your prof changes the textbook for your course (which they sometimes do in my experience), you can return it within 14 days money back guaranteed! 

Often, unless you really like the textbook or will use it in the future for your job, you’ll probably not touch it again and let it sit in the corner collecting dust. Or maybe use it as a big paperweight… Anyways, I like to have more space in my room PLUS get cash for my unwanted textbooks so I usually just sell my textbooks.

Bookbyte also gives you instant quotes online for how much they’ll pay you for the textbook. The best part? They’ll  pay for your shipping!!! So you can use the money you got from selling your textbooks to buy other things you want! To me, buying clothes or going to movies with friends from selling the textbooks is much more interesting than just a pile of books sitting in my room collecting dust. 

You can click here to go to the site! 

Click here for discounted Textbooks

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2 thoughts on “Save on Textbooks

  1. i have a big problem.i have made a time table for studying,but i couldn’t use this time table in reality.because,always my mind come to go to Facebook,watching films ,eating something or time passing.but after pass 24 hours in day,i really fed up with my behaviors.(oh my god….i have pass many hours for nothing useful works.)please tell me how to change my works.and how to improve my knowledge…

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