Read Faster and Memorize Easier from Your Textbooks

Reading faster and memorizing easier from your textbooks is a big problem for a lot of people.


When you first get your textbook to read – a lot of people simply try and read through everything, then try to remember everything, only to find that they fail miserably at it and can’t recall that much information. The reason is because if you try and read as well as memorize everything, that’s only going to work for recalling information if you have a photographic memory, which most people (including myself) don’t have.

Instead, what your teacher/professor will really test on are the main points. Before I go into the technique, I want to tie something into this to help you learn this technique…

Why do movies have commercials? It’s because it allows us to remember it easier so that we can determine if we want to watch it.The commercial has the main plot line or the main points of the movie.

Similarly, when you read through your textbooks, you should be on the look out for the main points first so that you know what you should be focused on for your tests.

That’s why, when you first get your textbook, you should start your reading by ONLY reading the following:

1. Headings

2. Sub-Headings

3. Titles of Tables, Figures, and Illustrations.

The reason is because all of these are the main points of that chapter. As such, it gives your brain a way to know the main points first. Then, any reading of the actual paragraphs of text will only be to serve more information of the main point.

Once you have finished going through your chapter and looking at only the headings, sub-headings, and titles – then you can do a second read of the actual text. At this time, because your brain knows what the important points are, your sub-concious will be reading through the textbook and recalling information only to support the main points – meaning you have less to memorize as opposed to the entire chapter. In addition, you may find yourself reading faster as well since your brain will know what the non-important information is as you’re reading through and you’ll simply ignore those sections.

The benefit of reading this way is that you actually read through the main points twice (once initially and once during the detailed reading of the textbook) – which’ll help you remember since people need to be exposed to the information a few times before they’ll memorize it.

Please let me know how well this technique works by posting comments below and feel free to share this with your friends and family to help them do better in school

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