How Your Attitude Affects Your Exam More than How Smart You Are or How Much You Studied

Last Friday, Nov. 30, there was  super exciting news for me – I passed my final exam for my Chartered Accountant license. This has been a 2 year journey, consisting of 6 previous courses while I worked full time after I graduated.

In addition, this required taking 2 months off to study – Mondays through Friday from 9 to 5. It was a gruelling 3 day exam.

However, I passed not because I was the best accountant or knew the most accounting knowledge.

There are many who are smarter than me, who knew more than me, but some of them failed…WHY?

Find out in my complimentary training video on what you can do to ensure you pass your exam, that I used during my 3 day exam (5 hours consecutively each day) to help me pass.

Why your attitude actually plays a bigger part in how well you do on a test than how much you study or how smart you are…find out in my training video.

P.S. Please post any comments or questions – I will personally read these and respond to these.

Here’s to You Getting High Marks.

Angela Lin

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