Friends Keeping You Away from Higher Grades?

A university student recently wrote in and said:

A friend that I am very close we grew up together and I usually have the desire to always chill with him. This friend of mine is not a strong student in school and he is loves to waste time. (i.e meaning he has bad habits). This then rubs on me and I then start to slack off making it hard for me to stay focused on my school work.

How can I avoid this friend?”

The best way is to stary by thinking of the biggest consequences that would happen if you didn’t study.
And I mean BIG Consequences. Fear is a surprisingly useful motivator.
So think of things like… if you fail this exam, you may also fail class, meaning you have to re-take this class and pay $500+ to re-take that course again. Not only that, you will have to waste another few months to re-take the class. Or if you don’t fail but still do badly, this may end up in you not being able to find a job due to the bad grades so employers won’t even interview you. Think about these and use these to scare yourself into stopping procrastination.
Another suggestion is to get a friend who does study and set up a study time with the friend so that at least when you are tempted to just hang out with your friend who has bad study habits, but you have to meet your friend who does study, it’s a commitment that you make to yourself and will stop you from wasting more time.
Or if this really doesn’t work, you can always do it like they do in the movies, which is get somebody to give you a call to do something. This time, instead of avoiding a date that you’re trying to get out of… you’ll have an excuse to focus on your education. Get somebody to call you at a time that you want to study at – or even better, get your parents to give you a call. Then, tell your friend who doesn’t want to study that you have to go see another friend/parents are yelling, etc.
Please forward this to your friends if you find it helpful and post any comments/questions below regarding these techniques.
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