Speed Learning 2x Faster with Online Videos and Audios

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Speed Learning: How you can learn 2x or even 3x as fast when watching online videos or listening to online audios for your courses, entertainment, or just something that you are interested in learning more about! You’ll be able to do the things that you want to do with the time that you saved. The strategy that I’ll show you has allowed me to save 255 hours (that’s more than 10 FULL days!) so that I have that time to do the things that I want to do!

Plus, this strategy that I’m going to show you is also going to help you speed through those annoying commercials that always seem to play in front of videos – this way, instead of waiting 30 seconds for your video to play since there’s a commercial first, you’ll be able to speed through it in just 10 seconds.

Essentially, our brains can process information at a much faster rate than the speed at which an average person speaks. The average person speaks at about 120 to 150 words per minute. However, the fastest policy debate candidates can often speak anywhere from 350 to 500 words per minute. The point is that the people listening to the policy debate candidates can still understand them even though they’re talking at 2 to 3 times the speed of the average person.

This shows that our brains can process information at least 2 to 3 times faster than the speed at which an average person speaks at.

So the way that we’re going to train you at speed learning is through relativity. It’s pretty similar to if you wanted to get to some place, and you start out by walking. Now, if you really need to get to that destination and you’re in a race, that’s say you start racing at the speed, which is 3x faster than your normal speed of walking. Everything may seem super fast to you as people, buildings, cars rush you by – and it seems like it’s hard for you to see all the information.

Now, if you were to slow it down to a jog…so at a speed that’s 2x faster than your normal speed of walking…then all of a sudden, it seems like you can see all the information (or at least in more detail) of what’s passing you by you are jogging compared to when you were racing at 3x speed. This is because your brain was on super fast speed, and now that it’s on a slower speed, it feels like it can take in information easier than on super fast speed.

DO NOTE that even though you may feel slower while jogging at 2x speed as compared to racing at 3x speed…it’s still TWICE as FAST as if you were walking. This means you’ll get to your destination TWICE as FAST and still absorb all the information.

So watch the video above on how this works…

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  2. Get a video that’s at least 6 minutes and watch this at 3x speed
  3. Get a video that’s at least 4 minutes and watch this at 2x speed – notice how you can actually absorb the information much faster now

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I’d love to know what you thought of this strategy! Please post any comments, questions, or success stories below so that I can see how best to help you!

To Your Happiness, Abundance, and Freedom!

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