Back to School Shopping Savings and Deals!

All the stores are talking about back to school shopping…

And I want to help you save even more on back to school shopping (up to 50%!) from the stores that you’re going to buy from anyways since I know what it’s like to be a student and to want to make sure you don’t go broke from back to school shopping.

That’s why I’ve created a video for you on how to save 2% to 50% off your back to school shopping:


1. Go to – this is a site that does comparison shopping to give you the best deals on a specific product as it searches for the best pricing from a variety of online stores.

This is FREE to sign up – simply sign up by going to:

Even better, you can get what’s known as “cash back”. For example, if you have a 2% cash back, then when you buy $100, you’ll be able to get $2 back in cash. And the cash is a cheque paid to you so you can spend it on whatever you like, not specifically at the store that you’ve first got the cash back from.

2. Type in what you want to buy into the search bar and it’ll search through all of the stores that offer the product that you want.

3. You can narrow it down by stores, or price, so that you can get the cheapest price!¬† Then, you’ll be able to see how much you can get back in terms of cash for each product.

4. It also automatically searches through thousands of stores to provide you with a listing of the prices offered by the different stores so you can see which one has the cheapest pricing and the best cashback.

5. You can then check-out through the actual store (for example, if you are to buy from company ABC, you’ll actually go through the ABC site to order it), then, immediately, you’ll see your cash back balance added to your account when you log in.

6. Best part Рyou can invite your friends and family  in US, Canada, or Mexico so that they can sign up for free to save on back to school shopping (as well as other everyday products) Рand you get 0.5% cash back of everything that they purchase in the future.

So get started now for free to save on your back to school shopping, get paid, and help your friends out while getting paid for your referrals – Visit

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